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Vehicle checks, Tacho download and mobile apps to keep your fleet compliant



Developing effective approaches to fleet compliance is a critical component of fleet operations. Managing fleet compliance doesn’t only ensure safety of fleet assets, but also removes the risk of experiencing costly fines for violating compliance policies and regulations. Geotab has a range of solutions for every industry to ensure your fleet is operating safely and within the regulations, including vehicle checks and maintenance, employee working hours and much more.

Employee Duty of Care

Protect the health and safety of your employees through the Geotab platform. Monitor working hours (WTD), hazards on the road, vehicle maintenance and more to ensure your employees’ duty of care is at the forefront of your business. Promote driver safety by using the tools available in Geotab such as driver safety reports, camera footage and many more to protect your drivers on the road.

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Vehicle Checks

Daily vehicle checks are a legal obligation in the UK. Use software integrated into Geotab to ensure drivers carry out pre- and post-trip inspections and detail any vehicle defects. Make use of the vehicle fault reports to be ahead of any vehicle maintenance which is required. These inspections are critical for improving fleet safety and complying with UK laws. Geotab offers a tachograph solution for fleets with HGVs, with all data remotely accessed and automatically uploaded to the Geotab platform.

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Geotab drive is a mobile solution for working hours, vehicle inspection and driver identification. The Geotab drive app synchronises data between the Geotab GO device and a mobile device to provide many functions, such as automatic duty status changes, violation alerts, complete end-to-end inspection workflow and much more. Geotab drive and capture provides workflow applications such as proof of delivery and proof of service.

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Utilise tacho download to keep your fleet compliant

Case study

CMS, a trusted and long-standing logistics and supply chain organisation. They provide international mail and courier distribution services as well as ecommerce solutions. CMS implemented Geotab into their fleet and utilised the Driver Challenge add-in to monitor their driver performance. The results have seen driver compliance increase with speeding incidents and seatbelt usage.

Currently, CMS uses the Driver Challenge Add-In to monitor driver performance including speeding, harsh acceleration/deceleration, and seat belt usage. This monitoring has led to several improvements within the fleet, including achieving an extra 3.3 MPG on average for each of its vehicles.”
Sam McMullen, General Manager, CMS