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Geotab is an open fleet management platform you can build on



Having a scalable and future proof fleet management system is essential for any business looking to grow and expand their business. By partnering with industry leaders, we can offer a range of solutions to support in expanding your fleet, complying with safety policies, optimising fleet operations and meeting your sustainability goals. From camera systems to electric charge points, view our marketplace and see the full range of additional solutions we offer.

Software Integration

Improve platform functionality with Geotab’s Software Development Kit (SDK). Add value, increase efficiency and automate processes to better support your business through third-party software integration. The Geotab API (Application Program Interface) is fully available to MyGeotab customers. Use lightweight data feed APIs to pull fleet data into your environment and synchronise it with other data-driven applications. Expand MyGeotab with applications to suit your business needs. Increase functionality by creating custom add-in buttons or pages to help join MyGeotab data with your own APIs.

MyGeotab software

go9 device

Hardware Integration

Take full advantage of the growing partner network we are building to integrate into Geotab. Integrate third-party hardware into one connected telematics platform. Consolidate all your vehicle data through a single device to simplify your business and take complete control of your data to help make informed business decisions. From camera systems to EV charge points, we have built partnerships to help your business succeed.

GO device


The simplest way to improve and grow your business is utilise Geotab’s Marketplace with third party integrations. Connect with a wide range of applications and start building your data expansion strategy. No matter what your business activities are, LEVL Marketplace will have software and hardware which will guarantee to help manage your businesses fleet.

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Integrate into the Geotab Platform with an open api

latest NEWS

The Electric Nation V2G project is trialling advanced vehicle-to-grid (V2G) smart charging in aim to help Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and understand how V2G charging can work with electricity networks. The project is utilising the data taken through Geotab to enable energy partners to understand peak demands on the grid. Read more about Geotab’s integration into electric charging infrastructure and what data you can receive through the integration. 

The idea behind vehicle-to-grid project is to help with the energy demand during peak times, meaning that energy companies won’t be reliant on gas-powered stations and EVs become the solution for grid balance and clean energy.”