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Camera Systems

Improve your fleet’s safety and reduce operating costs with our best-in-class camera solutions.

Advanced camera technology

Camera systems have vastly improved from basic vehicle cameras to a camera that provides a multitude of data, allowing for an in-depth understanding of both the vehicle and the driver. We have partnered with industry-leading camera solution providers who have the latest camera technology to provide complete fleet visibility and improve fleet safety. From 360° cameras to machine vision and AI cameras, we have a complete range of systems to optimise your fleet’s safety for any industry, any vehicle type. Coach your drivers without being in the vehicle with a range of in-cab audio alerts to ensure fleet safety.

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London ULEZ


The Direct Vision Standard 2024 (DVS) is a scheme designed to reduce deaths and injuries involving HGVs. London is leading the way with the global programme, with the goal to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries caused by road collisions by 2041. All lorries over 12 tonnes will need to hold a valid HGV safety permit to operate in London or risk a £550 fine. We provide camera systems which meet the Driver Vision Standard to ensure your HGV fleet is compliant with the new laws and is operating as safely as possible.



Improve fleet safety and reduced fleet costs

Fleet safety and protecting fleet assets (including drivers) is a top priority for fleet managers. Having a solution which provides detailed insights into driver behaviour alongside video telematics can help maximise your fleet’s safety and reduce insurance premiums. Detect numerous risky driving behaviours whilst your drivers are on the road with our advanced AI camera technology. The driver will receive in-cab alerts whenever they appear to be distracted or drowsy, preventing any potential accidents.

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We have partnered with leading camera providers to support and enhance fleet safety and compliance. We have a range of camera solutions for fleets, including forward and rear-facing cameras, 360° systems, and MV+AI cameras. Additionally, we offer fully approved DVS cameras for comprehensive coverage. More than just a dash cam, our solutions provide live in-cab alerts to distracted drivers, acting as accident prevention tools. Combine driver behaviour reports and video data to keep on top of fleet safety. This combination provides fleet managers with detailed insights into drivers’ on-road activities. All our camera solutions integrate into Geotab, providing one easy-to-access dashboard for viewing all video and telematics data. telematics data. All of which are available for any industry and any vehicle.


latest BLOG

Video telematics systems have evolved dramatically from basic vehicle cameras to a multitude of data providing an in-depth understanding of both vehicle and driver information. Read our latest video telematics blog, providing information on what video telematics are, the benefits of using video telematics including improving fleet safety and Driver Vision Standard (DVS) compliance.

At LEVL, we work with best-in-industry video telematics partners. We can provide a solution to meet your requirements for any type of camera system. Tincluding 360, AI systems, 360 systems, and fully approved DVS compliant packages. All the solutions that we provide are fully integrated to the MyGeotab platform with single sign on capability.