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Insightful data reports and dashboards to optimise your fleet and reduce costs



Data plays a big role in fleet optimisation. Vehicle data reports can show a fleet manager detailed insights into how their fleet is operating including fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and more. Geotab offers comprehensive data reports to optimise your fleet. Working with routing and scheduling partners, we can offer route optimisation solutions to support in the management of your fleet. 

Fuel management reports

Geotab offers the most extensive fuel reports to help monitor and reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption. Using the Geotab’s reports you can stay on top of your fleet’s fuel economy, while using the driver behaviour reports to identify key areas to improve on to reduce fleet fuel consumption.

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Fleet maintenance

Stay ahead with Geotab’s fleet maintenance solutions. Quickly identify issues and prioritise fleet maintenance early with active diagnostic faults and critical engine data through the Geotab software to prevent vehicle downtime. Use the Geotab engine fault code information to quickly locate the engine issues before they turn into costly maintenance. Save time and reduce costs by focusing on predictive engine health through the Geotab platform.

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Route optimisation

Geotab’s route optimisation tool allows you to effectively dispatch drivers, ensuring more efficient and accurate deliveries whilst still offering exceptional customer service to all customers. Reduce fuel consumption, mileage, CO2 emissions and increase fleet operational efficiency all through the Geotab platform. Take advantage of the integrated route planning add-ins from the marketplace.

Fleet Solutions

Save up to 30% when using integrated routing & scheduling

Case Study

CMS needed a comprehensive telematics solution that could support their corporate goals which included improving driver safety and vehicle performance, increasing fleet productivity, and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

The Geotab system supplied and supported by LEVL has helped us to improve fleet performance, vehicle and driver safety as well as motivate our drivers and reduce our emissions. We’re very excited to continue to work alongside LEVL and continue to reap the benefits its technology provides.”

Sean McMullen, General Manager, CMS