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Industry leading home and workplace charging solutions



As LEVL help you with your transition to EV, one key question to ask is: how you will charge your electric fleet? We offer advanced charging solutions for your electric vehicles at home or at the workplace. We work with EV charging experts to offer a charging network capable of meeting any fleet’s requirements. Utilise our industry leading electric vehicle telematics to support in the management of your electric fleet, receive daily reports on charging, driver behaviour data and more to ensure you get the most out of your electric vehicles.

Home Charging

We work with industry leaders in electric vehicle charging in order to offer the best EV charging solutions on the market. We can ensure your home charging installation process is as simple as possible by assisting with your government grant application. Our EV charging solution allows company vehicles to be charged at home and the fleet owner to make one simple bill to the employee’s energy company.

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Work Charging

With sustainability at the forefront of many businesses, and ahead of the 2030 cease in production of ICE vehicles, it is essential that your workplace begins to plan for a reliable workplace electric vehicle charging station. Working with our EV charging partners, we can offer a wide range of workplace EV charging solutions to suit your fleet’s needs. This includes standard commercial, fast, and rapid EV chargers. Receive a full electric vehicle charging infrastructure report to determine if your site is suitable for EV charging.

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fully integrated charging systems

Our electric vehicle charging partners help us to deliver our EV charging solution to customers who are adopting an electric vehicle fleet. Like us, our charging partners design, produce and deliver market leading chargers. Through our partners, we can cater for home charging installations as well as charging infrastructure at the workplace.

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OVER 40,000 public chargers installed in the uk 

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As we enter into a new world of vehicle electrification, we have compiled the ultimate guide to EV chargers, from charging at home, at the workplace or using public charging infrastructure. Our guide covers everything you need to know about electric vehicle charging.

Over 90% of electric vehicle (EV) charging is done at home. There are over 40,000 public chargers installed in the UK at 14,000 different locations. We have the knowledge and partners within the EV charging space to offer a complete EV charging solution, whether that’s at employees home or at the workplace.