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Full end-to-end EV transition solutions


Start your sustainability drive!

Want to start your EV journey today? We offer a full end-to-end EV transition solution, supporting you throughout the whole process with critical vehicle data, consultancy and infrastructure.

We help our clients choose electric vehicles which are fit for purpose, ensuring that your new fleet is up to your high standards.

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment

Thinking about replacing your fuel fleet with electric vehicles? Start your EV journey with our EV suitability assessment (EVSA). Find out which EVs are best suited to your fleet’s needs. Our EVSA offers EV recommendations by taking your existing fleet data and matching it to real-world EV performance data. Our best fit analysis identifies which of your vehicles are the best candidates for transition to EV. Analysis includes vehicle type, range capability and projected savings.

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Post-EV transition

After you have transitioned to EV, it is vital that your EV fleet is fully supported with our future-proof telematics solution. When expanding your EV fleet, it’s important to have a solution in place that can support a wide range of electric vehicles. Geotab is the go-to EV telematics solution with over 180 EV makes and models fully supported.

Data will play a vital role in the management of your electric fleet. Operate your EV fleet with confidence using Geotab. Receive EV data reports including EV energy usage, charging reports, driver behaviour and many more to help better manage your EV fleet and performance.

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OVER 2.5m eV miles driven by Muller every year


By working with Arcadis, LEVL can offer an innovative digital solution to help fleets looking to transition to EV called Fleet Electrification. The solution will help businesses determine how and when they should make the transition to EV by using data collected from vehicles in their current fleet. This data is then analysed and used to support the fleet’s transition to electric.

The benefit of our Fleet Electrification solution is that it offers a uniquely focused way of bringing new technology to the decision making and implementation process, whether for a small fleet across five sites or a large fleet over 1,000 sites. It means that Fleet and Estate Managers can explore different scenarios and see what the impact will be, without having to commit to making any expensive financial decisions.”
Simon Swan, Future Mobility Director, Arcadis