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Improve your fleet safety with our advanced reporting systems



Fleet safety is one of the most important aspects when managing a fleet. Fleet managers need a management system which can ensure all vehicles are roadworthy and are equipped with the best possible safety features, that drivers are safe on the road and there is clear visibility of driver behaviour. The Geotab system can do all of this and more making sure your fleet is operating as safely as possible.

Driver Safety Reporting

Be proactive to driver safety by utilising Geotab’s fleet safety reports, providing advanced insights into your drivers’ on-road activities. Risk and safety scores are assigned to individual drivers based on various factors including speeding, seatbelt usage, breaking habits, harsh cornering, acceleration and vehicle idling. Each driver will receive a driver safety score for daily, weekly and monthly driving data to enable fleet managers to better manage their drivers fleet safety and set company benchmarks for driver performance.

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Fuel and EV usage reports

Driver Coaching

Geotab offers in-cab and in-person coaching capabilities to optimise fleet safety. Geotab’s driver and passenger seat belt detection feature reminds drivers and passengers to wear their seatbelt, to comply with internal fleet safety rules and compliance with the law. Promote good driving habits by using Geotab’s driver challenge and motivate your drivers to improve driving behaviour whilst encouraging friendly competition between drivers for improved safety scores.

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Telematic Solutions

Geotab integrates with multiple video telematic solutions to enhance fleet safety. With the improvement in camera systems technology and the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) within cameras, drivers now receive in-cab alerts signalling when the driver is distracted and driving unsafely. The alerts are used as an accident prevention tool and to keep drivers and other road users safe whilst protecting company assets. Enhance fleet safety and reduce the risk of on road collisions by using the data taken from the video telematics to coach drivers. Our camera solutions also ensure compliance with the law including DVS compliance for HGVs.

Camera Systems


latest BLOG

Video telematics systems have evolved dramatically from basic vehicle cameras, now providing an in-depth understanding of both vehicle and driver information. Read our latest video telematics blog, providing information on what video telematics are, the benefits of using video telematics including improving fleet safety and Driver Vision Standard (DVS) compliance. 

At LEVL we work with best-in-industry video telematics partners and can provide a solution to meet your requirements for any type of camera system including AI systems, 360 systems and fully approved DVS compliant packages. All the solutions that we provide are fully integrated to the MyGeotab platform with single sign on capability.”