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Shell Fleet Insights provides a unified platform for tracking your vehicle telematics and managing Shell Fuel Card data. By consolidating all your information in one place, you can reduce administrative tasks, minimise expenses, and effortlessly access valuable insights through an intuitive portal and app.

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Drive your fleet to success

Our seamless integration of telematics data and Shell Fuel Card information offers clear, actionable insights to help you lower carbon emissions, decrease overall mobility expenses, and boost operational efficiency, safety, and security. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can make quick, informed decisions that keep your fleet running smoothly and sustainably.

How it works

By merging telematics data with Shell Fuel Card information, we provide you with powerful, actionable insights. These insights help you reduce carbon emissions, cut down on mobility costs, and enhance your fleet’s efficiency, safety, and security. Access real-time data to make informed decisions that drive your fleet’s success, optimise performance, and promote sustainability.

Whether you run a small business or manage a large fleet, LEVL is here to help. We offer solutions to reduce fuel costs, improve driver safety, enhance fraud detection, and support your decarbonisation efforts, ensuring your fleet operates efficiently.

About Shell fleet solutions

Shell is a global leader in mobility solutions and a trusted partner of fleets across the world for over 60 years. We offer a range of mobility solutions such as traditional fuels and EV charging to operational and professional fleets of all sizes, from light commercial vehicles to heavy duty transport.

Our collaboration with LEVL will integrate Shell Card data with LEVL’s vehicle data to provide valuable insights. The Shell Card offers a single payment solution for all mobility needs, including access to traditional refuelling and Shell Recharge’s extensive network of EV charge points across the UK.

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Driving Smarter Together

Experience the power of LEVL and Shell Fleet Insights’ collaboration, providing unified data solutions for enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability in your fleet operations