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Fully integrated services and products for the Geotab platform



Having a scalable and future proof fleet management system is essential for any business looking to grow and expand their fleet. By partnering with industry leaders, we can provide a range of solutions to support in expanding your fleet, complying with safety policies, optimising fleet operations and meeting your sustainability goals. No matter what industry, vehicle or fleet size our solutions are suitable to match any fleet requirements, and all integrate into Geotab software to receive all data on one simple-to-use dashboard for complete fleet visibility.

Routing and Scheduling

Optimise your fleet’s operations with our routing and scheduling solution. Working with partners who specialise in advanced routing and scheduling optimisation for both small and large operations, our solution leverages vehicle data to provide fleet managers with intelligence on journey routes and times. Receive bespoke vehicle data reports for route optimisation and confidently deliver an exceptional customer service. Save up to 20% on daily mileage by integrating our routing and scheduling solution into Geotab’s fleet management solution.

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Transport and store your temperature sensitive goods with our innovative cold chain solution. From pharmaceutical to food and beverage, our solution is suitable for any industry using refrigerated vehicles. Stay on top of your refrigerated goods with Geotab’s real-time temperature monitoring by creating custom alerts for temperature levels. Receive live alerts when temperatures fall below the required level. Use the data reports from MyGeotab to provide proof to customers, showing goods have been kept at the correct temperature at all times. Align with compliance requirements and gain valuable insights into your refrigerated fleet.

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Eliminate the manual management of your HGV fleet and utilise our route management solutions to optimise HGV fleet productivity. Gain real-time vehicle and driver data insights with the driving times status report, providing a clear view of driver information. Be ahead of any unexpected jobs which may arise with a simple-to-use dashboard that shows all driver information, including remaining driving hours, rest period and more. Integrate routing and scheduling add-ins to boost fleet efficiency and reduce costs.

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Geotab Drive

The Geotab drive add-in can be an integral part of your fleet’s daily operations. Geotab drive records driver hours of service (HOS), driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR), driver identification and more. Wirelessly connecting to the GO device, automate accurate records of how long a commercial driver spends in each duty status.

Daily vehicle checks are a legal obligation in the UK. Utilise Geotab’s DVIR feature to carry out pre- and post-trip inspections, and detail any vehicle defects. Identify who is driving which vehicle with the driver identification feature. Drivers will be required to sign into the application and select the vehicle they are going to operate. Support your fleet’s safety productivity and vehicle uptime by integrating Geotab drive into your fleet management solution.

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Electric Vehicle Solutions

We have the complete range of electric vehicle solutions to support your fleet’s transition to EV. Start your EV journey with LEVL as we offer a full end-to-end EV transition process, supporting you with every step to fleet electrification. Our EV telematics are the best on the market, with over 180 electric vehicles fully supported. When transitioning to EV, one key aspect to plan for is charging the vehicle. By working with our charging partners, we can offer the complete EV charging solution for your fleet, including home and workplace charging capabilities. No matter what electric vehicle you require, we have a solution to meet all fleet needs.

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10% REduction in co2 emissions since implementing geotab

latest case study

A UK based company specialising in electric vehicle charging solutions and industrial LV electrical projects, Actemium decided to implement Geotab and utilised a range of features the platform offers to improve their Health & Safety and sustainability. Actemium wanted a solution which was future-proof and was constantly evolving to help optimise their fleets operations and reduce their carbon footprint using real-time vehicle data.

We had another telematics solution installed in our vehicles many years ago. That solution failed to evolve and therefore was compromising the desire to obtain in depth data and influence driver behaviour.”
Nick Chambers, General Manager, Actemium