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Progressive Safe System 2024

LEVL Telematics is thrilled to support fleets in adopting the Progressive Safe System by 2024, in line with Transport for London’s latest HGV Direct Vision safety standards(DVS). This initiative underscores our dedication to elevating road safety throughout the Greater London Area.

Enhanced Safety

The Progressive Safe System 2024 is equipped with state-of-the-art features to ensure the utmost safety on the roads:

  • AI-Powered Cameras: To provide real-time insights and enhance monitoring capabilities.
  • Wide-Angle Lens Cameras: Reducing blind spots and distortion for a clearer view around the vehicle.
  • In-Cab Warning System: Offering immediate alerts to potential hazards, enabling proactive driver responses.
  • Active Fault Reporting: Ensuring any issues are promptly addressed to maintain optimal safety standards.

Innovation and Excellence

Our dedication to innovation is reflected in every aspect of the Progressive Safe System 2024, from connected CCTV for easy access to evidence and unlimited video downloads to cutting-edge connectivity solutions and adaptable data allowances.

Download your comprehensive guide to the Progressive Safe System 2024 today! Unlock essential insights on enhancing HGV safety in compliance with Transport for London’s latest regulations.