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Torrent Trackside are onboard with the Geotab solution

Torrent Trackside Van

We are delighted to announce that LEVL have won the contract to supply the Geotab telematics platform to Torrent Trackside.

Having decided to search for a new telematics solution that could offer more valuable data and a more user friendly interface, Torrent Trackside arranged to pilot two new solutions and run them side-by-side with their existing solution to find if there was an alternative way of managing their fleet and drivers.

LEVL were invited to demonstrate Geotab and were eventually selected as one of the two piloted solutions.

After a successful pilot, Torrent Trackside decided that Geotab telematics was the best platform available as it provided them with the data required, was easy to use and included the daily vehicle check app Geotab Drive.

Our solution was found to provide superior data in terms of individual trip reports as well as driver start and end times with crucial information being captured on the Geotab Dashboard and reported back daily.

Sustainability was a factor in the decision making process and this is where the Geotab platform really gave the customer the confidence that our solution was future proof. The Geotab EVSA function could analyse the current fleet of diesel vehicles and advise on which of those can be transitioned to Electric Vehicles in the coming years, as well as a multitude of additional benefits such as which specific EV in the market would be best suited.

Overall the Geotab telematics solution proved itself to Torrent Trackside offering a package that included the data required, excellent support, value for money and had EV capability from day 1.


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