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euroloo cuts costs and streamlines operations with dash cameras and fleet management data from Geotab and Surecam

Industry: Portable toilet supplier

Based in:

United Kingdom

Fleet Size


Fleet Focus

Productivity, Optimisation and Sustainability

Types of Vehicles:

3.5 tonne flatbeds, Pickup trucks

“We now have the facts to deal with any unusual situations that occur, instead of dealing with recollections. We can now pinpoint exactly what happened, when and why, which is a massive help.”

Rob Murrells,
Finance and Operations Director, euroloo

The Challenge: lack of visibility and control

euroloo wanted an integrated fleet management and dashcam solution that would help them to gain greater control and oversight of their vehicles and drivers. They had previously used another fleet telematics provider, but had found it to be limited in its capabilities in order to fully support their operational needs. They needed a solution that would provide them with greater visibility and ease of access to their data, and that could work better with their route planning software.

Goals and challenges

• Lack of data accessibility and operational visibility with previous fleet management software

• Direct access to the facts of road incidents

The Solution: full data flexibility, and eyes everywhere

In September 2022, euroloo had Geotab GO9 telematics devices fitted across their entire fleet of vehicles, together with Surecam dash and rear facing cameras, serviced and delivered by LEVL Telematics.

Through the MyGeotab fleet management platform, the operations team now have access to reports for all of their key performance indicators, including fuel efficiency (mpg), idling and driver performance. The platform allows perspectives to be sliced and diced to how euroloo wants to see it. The team can easily pull a report from MyGeotab, edit it down, and then re-upload it to MyGeotab for further analysis.

Thanks to the complete integration between MyGeotab and SureCam, videos from any road traffic incidents or driver events are available for the team to view in the office within seconds. The live view feature has proved useful to guide drivers to remote or hard to find sites, and the video footage is used together with the telematics data to support driver training programs and initiatives.

• All fleet vehicles fitted with GO9 telematics devices and SureCam dash cameras

• Reports including fuel efficiency (mpg), idling and driver performance

• Data fully flexible and accessible, allowing slicing and dicing to euroloo’s exact needs

• Actual route telematics data compared against planned routes and KPIs

• Dash camera footage used to mitigate false insurance claims, assess and control driver behaviour and provide training opportunities

The results: measurable improvements across the board

The operations team have seen considerable improvements in the productivity, safety and sustainability of the fleet, protecting the value of their assets.

Idling fuel consumption was reduced by 22% in just six months from implementation. The operations team achieved this improvement by pulling MyGeotab’s idling reports and feeding the data back to the drivers. This has improved overall fuel efficiency, reduced costs and improved the sustainability performance of the fleet by reducing the emission of human health-impacting air pollutants, including particulate matter (PM) and nitrous oxides (NOx), together with the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2).

100% reduction in false insurance allegations. When false or contentious insurance claims occurred, it was previously difficult to disprove the allegations. Thanks to the video evidence that the cameras provide, the team has so far been able to successfully counter all such claims, proving that they were not at fault, or the damage was already on the third party vehicle.

41% reduction in harsh acceleration and 52% reduction in harsh braking events over the six months since implementing the fleet telematics and dash camera solution. The camera footage has made drivers realise that they can’t drive aggressively or riskily, because it will be caught on camera and in the driver behaviour reports. A reduction in aggressive and risky driving is reducing the incidence of expensive at-fault collisions, improving fleet safety.

Protection of asset value. Drivers now take more care with vehicles, knowing that their behaviour is being monitored by the telematics system and dash cams. In the event of any driver damage, the operations team is able to use the footage to prove the cause and provide evidence to drivers. Vehicle maintenance expenses have also reduced because of more considerate driving behaviour.

Greater productivity. The team has seen added value by comparing the drivers’ tracked route, mileage and driving times with the planned routes. They can now easily grab the data from MyGeotab, and line it up against that from their third party route planning system. This process has been partly automated, verifying that drivers are not going over their working time limits, while also allowing routes to be optimisedand jobs added to increase productivity.

“With data from MyGeotab and dash camera footage, we now have all the information about what is happening out there, so that we can make better use of our assets, and make the best economies out of what we are spending on our trucks.”

Rob Murrells,
Finance and Operations Director, euroloo


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