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LEVL announces participation in the Electric Nation 2 V2G project


Electric nation vehicle to grid project

LEVL are extremely excited to announce our participation in the ground breaking Electric Nation Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) project.

The Electric Nation V2G project which starts June 2021, engages approximately 100 people with Nissan EVs to trial advanced V2G smart charging in the aim to help Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and understand how V2G charging can work with electricity networks.

With the announcement of the stop in production for Internal-Combustion-Engine (ICE) vehicles coming to the UK in 2030, we will soon see a world full of EVs. The demand which will be put on the grid from EVs will become unsustainable and energy providers will need to revert to gas-powered stations to meet demand.

The idea behind vehicle-to-grid project is to help with the energy demand during peak times, meaning that energy companies won’t be reliant on gas-powered stations and EVs become the solution for grid balance and clean energy.

What the V2G chargers offer is users can buy energy during off-peak times (through the night) and re-sell energy they aren’t consuming back to the grid at peak-times (throughout the day) at a higher rate than what they paid for it. The plan is that the user can earn money from energy they aren’t using, whilst energy companies can balance the grid during peak times.

The project will run  in the West Midlands, East Midlands, South West and South Wales at domestic properties. If you are interested and want to find out more, click here.

We are responsible for the supply and installation of the Geotab telematics device into each vehicle that subscribes to the project, the data from each vehicle will be used to analyse charging cycles, vehicle range, live SOC (state of charge) and energy pushed back to the grid. This data will enable the energy partners to understand peak demands on the Grid and plan for the future ramp up of EV’s on our streets.

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