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EV Telematics

Monitor and manage your electric vehicles with Geotab’s EV fleet management solution

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EV Telematics Key features

Fuel and EV energy usage

The Fuel and EV energy usage report helps fleet managers identify fuel efficiency and performance across the entire fleet. Gain valuable insights into the fuel economy, fuel used and distance travelled of your vehicles and take necessary action to improve fuel efficiency and save on fuel costs. Utilise the EV energy usage report by viewing electric economy, electric used, range and battery usage and more.

EV charging report

Receive detailed reports into critical EV charging data to get deeper insights into why EVs are at their current state of charge. Geotab’s electric vehicle reports supports EV management with electric vehicle charging history, location of charge, length of time on charge and more. Integrate the range of EV reports to ensure your electric fleet is operating efficiently and at optimal performance.

EV Charge Assurance

Monitor and manage your EV fleets charging with Geotab’s EV charge assurance dashboard. Fleet managers can save time with a quick snapshot of which EVs are ready and charged to complete the workload, whilst setting up custom notifications for any charging issues. The charge assurance dashboard will show current battery %, estimated battery % at a set time, charge rate and more.


Live map feature

Along with live vehicle location and trips history feature, the live map offers a range of electric vehicle features including real-time data on battery charge percentage and EV’s charging status. Real-time battery data can help identify which electric vehicles in your fleet are able to complete the workload and assist in organising which electric vehicles need charging first based on the charge level of the EV.

CO2 cost savings report

Geotab’s CO2 cost savings report provides fleet managers with a detailed understanding of your electric fleets CO2 and cost savings. The report is particularly useful to measure a fleets environmental impact by measuring CO2 emissions saved by transitioning to EV. View a comparison of cost compared to a fuel fleet and see have an insight into how much cost your fleet has saved by switching to electric vehicles.

Custom notifications

Utilise Geotab’s custom electric vehicle notification for successful and efficient EV fleet management. Receive notifications and alerts to proactively prevent issues and maximise EV fleet performance. The Geotab alerts are particularly useful when managing the charging levels of your electric fleet. Charging alerts include EV low charge, EV done charging, EV entering/leaving zone with low charge. 

Introducing our




Global Vehicle Manufacturer

Maxus are a world-leading Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) manufacturer with a commitment to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable transport solution for the LCV industry.

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Milk & More

Milk & More

Food Delivery Service

Milk & More are one of the UK’s most popular doorstep delivery services for milk and selected groceries and have become one of the UK’s largest operator of electric vehicles within their fleet.

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Global Consulting Company

Arcadis are a world leader in delivering sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets.

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Ethical Grocer

Farmdrop are a UK-based ethical grocer, with a focus on local and sustainable food. Farmdrop provides farm-to-table foods for consumers in Greater London and surrounding counties.

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Prohire Limited

Prohire Limited

Vehicle Contract Hire

Prohire Limited are a commercial vehicle contract hire and fleet management solution offering a range of additional services to single vehicle operators through to blue chip, multi-location fleets.

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Our Clients

Milk & More are one of the UK’s best known doorstep delivery services for milk and selected groceries, and have become one of the UK’s largest operator of electric vehicles, all of which are fitted with Geotab EV telematics. Utilising the exclusive Geotab reports, Milk & More have seen a vast improvement in their driver behaviour seeing a significant reduction in accidents and an improvement in their energy usage, an improvement from 1 Mile/kWh to 3 Mile/kWh. 


The benefits of having a vehicle-agnostic solution is that all the data flows into one stream. This allows us to see every vehicle on one screen, irrespective of vehicle type. Having one system to operate through is of real value to the business.”
Marc Ling, Development Manager, Group Fleet, Muller Milk & More