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Humn and LEVL partner to offer competitive data-driven insurance for electric fleets

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London, UK, 24th May 200: – Humn the real-time data-driven insurance provider for fleets, today announced its partnership with LEVL, the Authorised Reseller for the world’s leading provider of fleet management and vehicle telematics, Geotab. The partnership will enable Humn to have access to data from electric vehicles (EVs), in real-time, to offer an integrated and seamless solution.

Via the partnership, Humn will gather data on driver behaviour and miles driven recorded using the Geotab telematics device in EVs, to then quote fleets based on how safe their drivers and vehicles are. Each quote will be tailored to the data from each vehicle rather than a generic price, offering cheaper insurance to the EV market, which is traditionally higher due to the lack of claims data available. 

Mark Musson, CEO of Humn says of the partnership; ‘Here at Humn we are constantly looking to the future of vehicles on our roads, and our partnership with LEVL is no exception. The number of EVs in fleets is only set to increase, and the insights that Geotab and Humn can provide together ensure that fleet owners have access to the most cost-efficient insurance policies available. This is made possible by our technology, operating in real-time and providing an increased level of data which, to date, has been limited in this field.”

Commenting on today’s news Andrew Pearce, Director and Co-Founder at LEVL said: ‘It is great to be working with an innovative company like HUMN, our customers can benefit  when adopting the HUMN insurance platform, many of our connected fleets use Geotab to improve safety and driver behaviour and therefore can lower their risk and premiums with HUMN a WIN WIN for all”

Humn’s data-driven insurance management systems analyse thousands of risk data points such as environmental factors, vehicle control and driver fatigue to produce a 360-degree risk picture offering personalised premiums for every journey. The AI-driven solution saves time on fleet management and quickly identifies which drivers to reward, and which need support.

LEVL is the UK’s leading value-added Reseller of Geotab products and services. Geotab’s telematics technology is currently utilised by more than 40,000 customers around the world and is found in over 2.4 million vehicles globally. Processing more than 40 billion data points per day, Geotab customers benefit from data-rich insights that enable them to increase the productivity, safety and efficiency of their fleets.

About Humn

Humn has rewritten traditional motor fleet insurance. Consolidating the traditionally separate categories of fleet insurance and risk management, it has built a solution that provides fleets with unparalleled transparency. Humn’s platform provides an entirely contextual assessment of driving risk, and a clear basis for the pricing of their dynamic insurance products; Pay How You Drive; Pay As You Drive; Pay, Drive and Pay Back. Using AI to generate real-time premiums, the three plans analyse thousands of in-vehicle and external data points, giving the users clear visibility via Humn’s fleet dashboard. 

This insurance platform supports fleet managers by simplifying processes, ensuring drivers perform to their best on the roads, helping to reduce accidents, maintenance and business costs. 

About LEVL

LEVL offer a telematics service with a difference, taking service and support to another LEVL. Its team is fully trained on every aspect of telematics and fleet management including integrated partner solutions, cameras, scheduling, charging, vehicle supply and more.

LEVL live and breathe sustainability and are dedicated to EV transition with a full end-to-end EV transition solution.

LEVL is the UK’s No1 Geotab Value Added Reseller and was recognised as Geotab’s European Electric Vehicle Partner of the Year in 2019.

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