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LEVL and Shell Fleet Solutions: A groundbreaking partnership for advanced fleet management

LEVL and Shell Fleet Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

We are excited to announce that LEVL Telematics has entered into a strategic partnership with Shell Fleet Solutions. This collaboration is set to redefine fleet management in the UK, combining LEVL’s industry-leading telematics technologies with Shell’s vast experience in fleet and fuel management. Together, we are poised to provide fleet managers with an unprecedented integrated platform that enhances vehicle performance and fuel analytics.

This partnership will allow fleet managers to gain deeper insights into fleet efficiency and driver behavior, helping to drive decisions that optimize performance and sustainability. The collaboration supports Shell’s “Accelerate to Zero” program and LEVL’s commitment to innovation, promoting safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly fleet operations.

Our joint efforts will focus on providing actionable data that will facilitate smarter fleet management, enhance operational efficiency, and support the transition to electric vehicles. Both Euan Moir, Head of Shell Fleet Solutions UK, and Andrew Pearce, Sales & Marketing Director at LEVL, have expressed their commitment to this partnership, emphasising its role in leading the industry towards future-ready fleet management solutions.

This initiative not only marks a significant step in our journey to lead in telematics solutions but also strengthens our resolve to support our clients in achieving greater fleet efficiency and environmental stewardship.

By tapping into the synergies between LEVL’s telematics solutions and Shell’s comprehensive fuel management systems, we aim to equip fleets with the tools they need to thrive in an evolving market. Fleet managers can expect improvements in fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced compliance with environmental regulations, making a tangible impact on their operations and sustainability goals. Through our combined expertise, we are crafting a path towards a more efficient and sustainable future for fleet management.

Read more about the collaboration and what it could do for your fleet here: LEVL and Shell Collaboration 


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