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Surfsight, a lytx solution

A Smart, Connected Video Dashcam

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1.6 million+ drivers protected by lytx solution

surfsight Key features

Advanced technology

The innovative machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) technology in the Lytx dashcam, proactively detects distracted or unsafe driving behaviours in real-time*. The cutting-edge technology alerts drivers to self-correct their risky driving behaviour, helping to prevent accidents.

Proactive alerting

Equipped with multi-sensor road-facing and in-cab cameras, the dashcam streams live video from vehicles over the mobile network to the cloud. Fleet managers can continuously monitor vehicles, drivers and cargo. Using MV+AI technology, drivers will receive real-time* accident prevention alerts when distracted driving is detected.

Integration into MyGeotab

The Surfsight camera solution integrates seamlessly with the Geotab platform, allowing customers to use the MyGeotab dashboard to manage and access their data from the cloud. View live video, manage multiple cameras, retrieve up to 30 days video from the cloud and use Geotab rules all from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Reduce fleet costs

With built-in MV+AI technology and in-cab alerts, taking a proactive approach to fleet safety can also help to reduce fleet costs. Lytx customers have seen a reduction in fuel costs by up to 12%, a reduction of 10-15% in maintenance costs, and a reduction of up to 80% in insurance claims costs**.

Improved fleet safety

Take a proactive approach to fleet safety with Lytx First Notification of Risk (FNOR). By using smart, connected video technology the Surfsight dashcam can help to support drivers as an accident prevention tool, helping maximise fleet safety and reducing the number of fleet accidents.

Real-time* risk information

Real-time* driver safety data allows insurers to see fleet and driver trends, and insurers can use the data to manage insurance premiums. With live video features, fleet managers can access detailed fleet safety insights and coach risky and unsafe drivers, resulting in a safer fleet and lower insurance premiums. 

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Lytx’s smart, connected video dashcams use MV+AI technology to provide detailed insights into a fleet’s drivers and vehicles. With live video streaming capabilities* and in-cab driver alerts, the Surfsight dashcam can empower fleet managers to maximise fleet safety and reduce fleet costs. Download the latest Lytx brochure and learn more about all of the Surfsight dashcam features. 

*Subject to available cellular network coverage
**Based on Lytx client success stories

Using advanced MV+AI technology, fleet managers can identify and assess risky and distracted driving behaviours helping customers reduce reduce claims costs by up to 80% and fuel costs by up to 12% due to safer driving habits.