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Zebedees fleet now installed with Geotab

Industry: Nursery Meal Provider


Zebedees Van

We are delighted to announce that LEVL have won the contract to supply the Geotab telematics platform to Zebedees.

After a comprehensive pilot, Zebedees decided that the Geotab telematics platform provided them with an easy to use web interface with relevant up to the minute data to manage their fleet of delivery vehicles.

Zebedees had also decided to install dash-cams and a new routing and scheduling solution at the same time, both solutions from Surecam and  MaxOptra were already integrated with the Geotab platform which meant the use of all 3 systems became seamless.

Lastly, Zebedees wanted to make sure that the solution that they invested in would be future proof and have the ability to be used with electric vehicles, this was another box ticked for the Geotab platform with the ability in place to provide data on over 100 current EV models and investment to support all new models bought to market, providing valuable data such as;-

  • Live State of Charge (SOC)
  • Energy consumption
  • Energy added
  • Charging data
  • Charge assurance dashboards
  • EVSA (electric vehicle suitability assessment’s)

Adrian Oates
General Manager at Zebedees explains why he decided choose Geotab:

“Over the last three years we have been trialling many different telematic companies and within this also trialling different camera options. We have trialled some great cameras but the camera platform has always been separate to the tracking platform and we’ve always wanted just one platform for everything.

After sending through my extensive list of what we would like on a new telematic system, LEVL  got in contact and explained that everything on the wish list was possible. I had a trial of the Geotab platform and found it straightforward to use along with the routing and optimisation part through Maxoptra. Along with Maxoptra the Surecam cameras are built into the Geotab platform meaning that everything we have been looking for in a system is all in Geotab. Geotab ticks all the boxes but what was really interesting was the investment they have made regarding EV as this is the next step for us once we are happy with the range on vans and cannot wait to see how this all works.”

Having been operating for over 20 years, Zebedees are the leading nursery meals provider in East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, London, Brighton, Surrey and Essex. Providing a service of hot and nutritious nursery meals whilst promoting fresh, local food when creating their nursery meals to keep their food miles to a minimum and supporting local businesses. Zebedees have put extensive work into creating a healthy and balanced diet for young children, to ensure optimal mental and behavioural performance in children and to create the foundations for lifelong healthy food preferences.

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