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Levl joins the Banyan Family

Banyan Software announces acquisition of Levl Telematics Limited

Banyan Software, a leading acquirer and permanent home for great software businesses, is proud to announce its acquisition of LEVL Telematics Limited (“LEVL”), a Geotab Value Added Reseller (VAR) specialising in telematics and fleet management solutions.

Founded in 2016 by Jan O’Hara and Andrew Pearce, LEVL stands as a key Geotab reseller in the United Kingdom and for Electric Vehicles (EVs) across Europe, serving a diverse customer base spanning small-to-medium-sized fleets to enterprise organisations across multiple continents. LEVL’s solutions provide essential data, such as fuel consumption monitoring, driver behaviour analysis, and GPS tracking, empowering fleet operators to enhance operational efficiency, optimise employee productivity, reduce costs, and elevate safety.

David Berkal, CEO of Banyan Software, said: “We’re excited to welcome the LEVL team to Banyan. Jan and Andrew have built an impressive reputation in the rapidly evolving telematics industry with deep expertise around EVs, in particular. We look forward to continuing to build upon their strong customer relationships and this solid foundation.”

Jan O’Hara, Managing Director of LEVL, said: “Joining Banyan Software marks an exciting chapter in LEVL’s journey. We have been dedicated to supporting our team and valued customers, and this partnership with Banyan will work to preserve those relationships while helping us to drive new opportunities. We look forward to collaborating with the Banyan team to ensure a seamless integration into the Banyan family while continuing to grow our independent team and brand.”

About LEVL Telematics Limited.
LEVL provides the industry-leading fleet management and EV telematics solution, Geotab. We pride ourselves on the partnership approach with our clients and offering support on another LEVL. This has been reflected by LEVL becoming Geotab’s UK value-added reseller and European EV partner of the year in 2019.

About Banyan Software, Inc.
Banyan Software provides the best permanent home for successful enterprise software companies, their employees, and customers. With a permanent capital base set up to preserve the legacy of founders, Banyan focuses on a buy and hold for life strategy for growing software companies. Founded in 2016, Banyan is backed by a world-class group of CEOs and investors with deep technology experience and currently operates across a growing number of verticals. For more information, please visit: banyansoftware.com


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MyGeotab Version 11.0 Unveils Cutting-Edge Features

MyGeotab Version 11.0

GeoTab continues to innovate and enhance its MyGeotab platform. In this summary, we’ll delve into the exciting new updates introduced in MyGeotab, including the new navigation menu, the advanced Maintenance Center, improved error messages, enhanced workflow capabilities, and much more.

1. New Navigation Menu
GeoTab has unveiled a new navigation menu in MyGeotab, providing users with a refreshed and intuitive interface. The redesigned menu offers improved accessibility, enabling users to effortlessly navigate through various features and modules. With a more user-friendly layout, fleet managers can easily access critical information and perform tasks efficiently, streamlining their workflow and enhancing productivity.

2. New Maintenance Center
MyGeotab introduces an advanced Maintenance Center that empowers fleet managers to proactively manage their vehicles’ maintenance and repairs. This feature enables users to schedule and track maintenance tasks, set reminders, and monitor service history. By streamlining maintenance operations, fleet managers can ensure timely servicing, reduce vehicle downtime, and optimise fleet performance.

3. Enhanced Error Messages
To improve user experience and facilitate troubleshooting, GeoTab has enhanced the error messaging system within MyGeotab. Users will now receive more detailed and informative error messages, aiding in the identification and resolution of issues. These improved error messages contribute to a smoother user experience and enable faster problem resolution, minimising disruptions in fleet management processes.

4. Improved Workflow to Register Databases
GeoTab has introduced an enhanced workflow for registering databases in MyGeotab. This improvement simplifies the process of adding and registering databases, allowing fleet managers to efficiently onboard new vehicles and expand their fleet. The streamlined workflow ensures a seamless transition and eliminates unnecessary complexities, enabling fleet managers to focus on core tasks and drive operational efficiency.

Overall, these new features in the MyGeotab platform demonstrate GeoTab’s commitment to innovation and addressing the evolving needs of fleet management.

Want to explore the exciting new features and enhancements introduced in MyGeotab Version 11? Watch the informative video walk-through and get an in-depth overview of the latest updates here.

5. Improved MyGeotab Routes and Optimisation
MyGeotab now offers enhanced routing and optimisation capabilities to further optimise fleet operations. This feature preview provides advanced algorithms for generating efficient routes, taking into account factors such as traffic conditions, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity. By leveraging MyGeotab’s enhanced routing and optimisation, fleet managers can minimise fuel consumption, reduce mileage, improve delivery times, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

6. Maintenance Center Widgets
In addition to the Maintenance Center, MyGeotab introduces new maintenance widgets that allow fleet managers to monitor and track maintenance-related data more conveniently. These widgets provide real-time insights into service reminders, upcoming maintenance tasks, and vehicle health, empowering fleet managers to make informed decisions. The combination of the Maintenance Center and maintenance widgets enables comprehensive maintenance management, ensuring fleet reliability and longevity.

7. Added Interactive Charts for Built-in Reports
GeoTab has integrated interactive charts within the built-in reports of MyGeotab, providing users with visual representations of key data. These interactive charts enable fleet managers to analyse trends, identify patterns, and extract actionable insights more effectively. With dynamic visualisations, users can understand complex data at a glance, facilitating data-driven decision-making and enhancing fleet performance.


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Milk & More Wins Geotab Innovation Award for Electric Vehicle Implementation


Milk & More, the country’s leading online grocery and milk doorstep delivery service, has been awarded the “Geotab Innovation Award for Electric Vehicle Implementation” by Geotab, a global leader in connected transportation solutions.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 18 May 2023 – The award which was announced at Geotab Connect 2023 was later presented to Milk & More’s CEO, Patrick Müller at the opening of its new Fulfilment Centre in Mitcham, in recognition of the company’s commitment to deploying electric vehicles across its fleet.

Patrick Müller, CEO for Milk & More, said: “We are delighted to have won this award in recognition of our 500-strong fleet of electric vehicles. Our electric fleet travels 10 million miles a year – the equivalent to 400 times around the world. By using 500 electric vehicles rather than diesel we are saving 4,335 tonnes of carbon and 1.8m litres of diesel.

“Investing in our delivery vehicles is just one of the ways we are helping our customers play their part in looking after the planet. From working with suppliers who care as much about being sustainable as we do, to reducing the amount of plastic we use, we’re proud to say that 80% of our products are sold in Zero Waste packaging that we collect, clean and reuse.”

Aside from investing in electric vehicles, Milk & More has become the first company in the UK to use the integrated road speed limiting system provided by LEVL Telematics. This, together with the active use of the Driver Challenge app has seen a 19% increase in the range of the electric fleet, meaning the business can deliver to more customers per round, needs less time to fully charge and therefore saves on electricity too.

David Savage – Vice President, UK & Ireland from Geotab, said: “Congratulations to Milk & More – it’s fantastic to see the investment the business has made in its fleet of electric vehicles. Milk & More’s fleet is connected to ‘myGeotab’ and the business is a heavy user of Geotab’s EV Charge Assurance dashboard, to help optimise electric vehicle utilisation and to help ensure EVs are fully charged only when needed. The business also uses the Geotab solution to help improve driver safety and minimise service maintenance and repair costs.”

The company is also improving its vehicle utilisation, by increasing the frequency of product delivery and reducing road lorry mileage by 35% by putting milk and products on the same lorry. As a result, HGV deliveries into Milk & More sites will reduce by over 13,000 per year, cutting down 650,000 miles and reducing our carbon footprint by 280 tonnes.

Milk & More combines the best of the traditional milkman, with the convenience of online shopping, with customers able to place, check and change their order up to 9pm the day before their next delivery, which Milk & More aims to deliver by 7am. The service is ideal for people who are looking to reduce their environmental footprint, with 97% of all volume sold in packaging that is either reusable, recyclable or compostable.

About Milk & More

  • Milk & More (www.milkandmore.co.uk) the country’s leading online grocery and milk doorstep delivery service
  • It combines the best of the traditional milkman, with the convenience of online shopping
  • You can manage your account online and place, check or change your order up to 9pm the day before your next delivery, which we aim to deliver by 7am
  • You can order everything from artisan bread to organic fruit and veg, British cheese to exclusive juices and a wide variety of milk and milk alternatives
  • No hassle, no queues, just a great service, brought straight to your door, all from your friendly Milk & More milkmen and milkwomen
  • Milk & More’s range is ideal for people who are looking to reduce their environmental footprint, with 97% of all volume sold in packaging that is either reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • Eighty per cent of Milk & More products are also sold in Zero Waste packaging
  • Milk & More milkmen and milkwomen deliver nearly 80 million one-pint glass bottles each year
  • Milk & More glass bottles are reused on average 28 times
  • 91% of the milk, Milk & More delivers, is in one-pint reusable glass bottles
  • Milk & More has nearly 1,000 milkmen and milkwomen
  • Milk & More makes nearly 1 million deliveries a week
  • Milk & More has one of the largest fleets of electric vehicles in the country
  • Milk & More is an award-winning business and won the following awards:
  • Winner of Environmental Best Practice in the Green Apple Awards 2020
  • FDF’s Environmental Leadership Award 2020
  • Innovation Award for Electric Vehicle Implementation 2023
  • ‘Milk & More was shortlisted in the National Recycling Awards 2021 in the Circular economy initiative category for the project Sustainable business transformation.



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Visit us at the ITT Hub 2023 on 10th-11th May

Road Transport Expo

Join us at the ITT Hub 2023 with our partner MAXUS on stand 1540.

The event will take place at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, where we will be showcasing our innovative MAXUS Intelligence Onboard solution.

What is ITT Hub?

This year’s event, ITT Hub 2023, promises to be the biggest and best yet, with a wide range of exhibitors, speakers, and educational opportunities.

Scheduled for May 10th and 11th at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, the event will be showcasing the latest innovations in the transportation industry, with a particular focus on electric and autonomous vehicles. Attendees can expect to see the latest EV models from leading manufacturers, as well as cutting-edge autonomous technology and related services.

In addition to the exhibition, the event will feature a range of informative and engaging panels and discussions, covering topics such as EV charging infrastructure, last-mile delivery, and the future of autonomous transportation. One of the highlights of the event will be the Future Logistics conference, which will bring together top-level executives and thought leaders to explore the future of the industry.

There will be an opportunity to see and experience the latest electric and autonomous vehicles in action. The Ride & Drive test routes will allow attendees to get behind the wheel of these vehicles and see how they perform in real-world conditions. This is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the latest technology and to get a sense of what the future of transportation might look like.

Another exciting aspect of ITT Hub will be the Startup Village, which will showcase the latest startups and innovators in the transportation industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with these entrepreneurs and learn about their cutting-edge products and services. This is a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and to get a sense of where the industry is heading in the years to come.

One of the key themes of ITT Hub is sustainability, and the event will highlight the role that electric and autonomous vehicles can play in reducing emissions and improving air quality. In addition to the exhibition and conference, there will also be a range of educational opportunities, including workshops and presentations on topics such as green logistics and sustainable transportation.

Overall, this promises to be an exciting and informative event for anyone interested in the transportation industry. With a wide range of exhibitors, speakers, and educational opportunities, attendees will have the chance to learn about the latest technology and trends, network with other professionals in the field, and gain hands-on experience with the latest electric and autonomous vehicles. So, mark your calendars, register for your free tickets, and get ready to join us at Farnborough International on May 10th and 11th of May 2023.

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The Commercial Vehicle Show 2023: The Future of Net Zero Transportation

As we approach The Commercial Vehicle Show 2023, the event promises to feature the newest low and zero emission trucks and vans, emphasizing the industry’s dedication to achieving net zero emissions. In this year’s showcase, Maxus will be highlighting their data solution that is fitted to every EV, Maxus Intelligence Onboard which is provided through a partnership with LEVL.

Maxus recently introduced the UK market’s first electric pick-up truck, known as the T90EV pick-up. This vehicle was first showcased at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2022 in Birmingham and is an electric version of the T90 which runs on a traditional internal combustion engine.

Mark Barrett, General Manager of Harris Maxus, said: “The Maxus brand is synonymous with market-leading commercial electric vehicles, which is a very strong position for a brand that is relatively new but is clearly having a significant impact on the EV marketplace.

“Our commitment to the UK market is unwavering and we will continue to innovate, lead and bring new products to market, while providing information and education around making the switch to EV.”

The event, which is the largest and most attended road transport show in the UK, is run by the industry for the industry.

One of the main features of this year’s show will be the all-new truck zone which will feature the latest models from leading truck manufacturers such as Ford, Isuzu, Iveco, Maxus, Nissan, Renault Trucks, Volta Trucks, and more. Visitors will get a chance to see new models making their UK debut and interact with experts who will guide them on the latest technology and zero-emission transition.

The new and future vehicles that will be showcased will help drive the industry’s transformation to net zero emissions. There will be a fleet of tractor units from Iveco, HVS, Renault Trucks and Volta Trucks, joined by expert representatives who will share insights on how they are delivering their net zero ambitions.

Renault Trucks UK & Ireland will be also be participating, where they will exhibit their partnership with Vertellus – the newest national Commercial Vehicle contract hire company in the UK. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness a 100% electric Renault Trucks E-Tech distribution vehicle from Vertellus’ fleet and gain insights into the two brands’ progress and visions for transport decarbonisation.

The products that will be showcased at the event include a range of electric vehicles, low carbon vehicles, refuse collection solutions, rental, leasing, and financial services, as well as trucks, vans, and minibuses.

Battery-powered electric trucks, hydrogen fuel cell trucks, and HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) trucks are all set to play a role in the road transport industry’s shift away from fossil fuels.

Lisa Fuller, Brand Marketing and Communications Manager for Iveco UK, said “Iveco are very excited to be at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, especially as our brand new all-electric eDaily will be making its UK debut. The Show will present a great opportunity for visitors to come and meet this class-leading product range. In addition to eDaily, we will also have an S-Way Natural Gas on display as we help to drive the road of change. The Iveco team is really looking forward to welcoming people onto our stand.”

In addition to the vehicles, the show will feature a comprehensive line-up of vans and pick-ups with new electric vans from Ford, Iveco, Maxus, and Nissan. Visitors will also get a chance to see examples of the latest offerings from the UK’s top leasing and rental providers.

The Commercial Vehicle Show 2023 will also feature two live theatres with a packed-out program. The Road Ahead Theatre will cover the future of the industry while the Workshop Theatre, in partnership with Commercial Vehicle Workshop, will feature in-depth engineering expertise.

Experts will cover topics such as the zero-emission transition, van crime, driver safety, telematics, battery technology, and driver assistance systems, among others. Key speakers at the event include Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, Rod McKenzie, RHA Executive Director of Communications, and Mike Cutts, Director, Light Vehicle Business, Iveco.

The Commercial Vehicle Show offers the latest trucks, vans and trailers, vehicle security solutions, telematics innovations, repair, and maintenance advice, and much more. Visitors can make all their annual purchasing decisions in one place in the halls of the UK’s top exhibition venue.

The 2023 Commercial Vehicle Show is set to take place from 18-20 April 2023 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. It promises to be an exciting and informative event where visitors can learn about the latest innovations, technologies, and future trends in the industry.

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